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SW-500 Gate

Crowd Control

One of the staples here at B. Kramer, Inc. is providing our customers with sturdy affordable turnstiles and railing that helps direct your store traffic while cutting down on shrinkage...


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Custom Railing

B. Kramer, Inc. specializes beautiful custom railing for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our clients are free to choose from one of our previously engineered custom designs or to submit...


Fixture Protection

Fixtures are usually quite an investment in any retail environment. Anyone with experience in managing a retail environment will find that these fixtures don’t stay in the original condition unless...

Cantilever Racking

Pallet Racking

Much like the “guts” in our body, Pallet Racking is the “guts” of many stores; not often thought about but essential to it’s operation. B. Kramer, Inc. can be considered...


Multi-Store Rollouts

As a retail contractor we get roll-outs. We understand that in addition to the quality demanded for a regular one store remodel or tenant improvement project, roll outs require project...


Retail Merchandising

B. Kramer, Inc. has crews especially trained to handle your merchandising needs. When going through your remodel or refresh any time that product is not on the shelf is lost...

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvements

B. Kramer, Inc. aims to be your one stop shop for all of your Tenant Improvement needs. Over the years our scope of work has continually expanded and now includes...

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Thank you for taking the time to view the benefits of utlizing our company’s services and products. B. Kramer, Inc. has successfully been a leader in the retail construction inudstry...